I love the Go-Betweens & Youtube!

Oh, how life has changed so dramatically – within the past 5 years even! Technology continues to press on, while of course I’m always behind at least by two years on everything. As much as technology changes the way we live life and we reminisce on how things were so much better in “the good ol’ days”, – I must admit that I freakin’ adore youtube.

Youtube is just one of those gifts that keep on giving – like Wikipedia. I learn oh so much from these two websites. What I really enjoy about Youtube is finding these old music videos I would probably never would have found on my own (unless you spent a bit of money hunting old videos down). Anyways, thank you to all the wonderful people who put up these hard to find videos. You rock!

I found some Go-Betweens videos on Youtube and felt I needed to share them. There’s definitely a special place in my heart for the Go-Betweens and of course I am STILL kicking myself for not seeing them when they came to Los Angeles a few years back. I’ve completely missed my chance with Grant McLennan sadly passing away.They are sooooo special – perfectly crafted pop songs with real wistful sentiment and charm.

I had never seen any Go-Between videos before Youtube. What gems! Look at Robert Forrester with his lipstick! Look how cute Grant is in his little rockabilly rock n’ roll outfit circa 16 Lovers Lane! Look how hot Lindy is drumming! I also plan on including them in a secret way in the next issue of my zine. Keep an eye out!

“Spring Rain”

“Was There Anything I Could Do?”


One response to “I love the Go-Betweens & Youtube!

  1. Ooh, the Go Betweens are awesome! I love youtube, also; you can find so many good videos on there.

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