zine reviews!

I’ve been meaning to review the following zines for awhile and I’m glad that I had the time to do so today. It seems sort of much having a blog & a zine , but I that pictures usually show up better in blogs, although I like the tangibility of zines.

First up, I have the fabulous zine “Paper Kitty” issue 1 by Jackie Lam and her cousin, Viet, who worked on the amazing illustrations. I met Jackie last year at a holiday craft music event at pehrspace, and I had never seen a zine quite like hers. She has stories about growing up in Burbank, CA, a paper kitty doll you can cut and paste, a music interview with Eleanor from the Fiery Furnaces, etc. Most of the writing is interspersed with Viet’s illustrations which looks like it should be in Giant Robot. The front cover is a one of a kind paper bag puppet. Cool! Email Jackie at paperkitty@gmail.com to see if she has any more issues left. On a similar note, she also has a website about being frugal and having fun in Los Angeles, called “Cheapsters”, and I am interviewing her for the second issue of my zine.
Paper Kitty - #1

inside Paper Kitty

Next review is “What’s the Jam?” issue 5, which is a cool local LA based zine created by Tuna. It’s one of my cool zine finds I got at Skylight Books in Los Feliz. It’s got a sweet stamped cover, is lovingly hand bound with yarn and comes with a button! It’s all neatly hand written and features record store reviews, record label reviews, zine reviews, music reviews, upcoming shows in LA, and a joke! All in great, eclectic taste – this is a fun read. The next issue should be coming out soon! Email Tuna at whatsthejam@yahoo.comWhat's the Jam? zine -issue 5

Another cool zine I found at Skylight is a comic zine called “Simple Routines” by JP Coovert, who has a comic press/music label called One Percent Press. I am not usually a fan of autobiographical comics, but this one I do like. JP writes about his life, being a cartoonist and going to school, dealing with moving, relationship issues, and growing up. It’s clean and simply hand-drawn, and within those four boxes, he’s able to beautifully capture a moment of his life that I, as a reader, feel connected to. I had been reading a lot of “Peanuts” strips lately, and I feel like “Simple Routines” has a similar unpretentiousness, profundity, and charm that is reminiscent of Schulz’s strips. Highly Recommended!Simple Routines comic zines - #7-9


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