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check out the Rose Melberg videos from the Echo Curio!

The Rose Melberg show with The Finches, Kellarissa, and Anna Oxygen at the Echo Curio this past Tuesday was really enjoyable. The Echo Curio was full, but not uncomfortably crowded. There was a good mix in the crowd, from people who saw Rose originally in Tiger Trap, to the usual young hipsters. The last time Rose rolled through LA was NINE years ago! It was a special show.

Thanks to Pauline Lay for pointing out these videos to me, and thanks to Gerard from LA underground for recording this preciously, intimate night!

“homemade ship” featuring carolyn from the finches on backing vocals

“things that we do”

“i will never marry” (fred brooks cover)


Indie pop videos! & Rose Melberg

Just felt like sharing some fab indie pop vids!

The first one is from Oxnard’s prolific Sea Lions. Their 7″ – “Let’s Groove!” is one of my favorite releases in ’09. Joy Division-esque vocals over some twangy, jangly guitar with vintage Oxnard footage. Wonderful! Maybe these new songs will be on an upcoming release?

The second video was one that matt from skatterbrain shared awhile back from Richmond’s Apple Orchard. Love this song & and the video! (Even though it isn’t spring anymore!) This song is supposed to be on an upcoming single.

Finally, check out the lovely Rose Melberg playing a free in-store at Vacation Vinyl (6:30pm) and later at The Echo Curio with The Finches and Kellarissa tomorrow, Oct. 27! I do love her new album “Homemade Ship” out now on K records! Should be a special night of loveliness!